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Security Guide

This is a guide to making your home and neighborhood a more secure place to live in

Firstly, let's look at the obvious things that people think of first

Now, let's look at some less obvious things you can add to your home


At night, a darkened yard is a good place for anybody to hide away in. When faced with the decision to hide either in a light yard or the yard next door with no lighting, a person will always choose the dark yard.

Putting lighting in your yard does not need to cost you an arm and a leg. Make use of low wattage energy saving lights, and place them strategically.

Choice of garden plants

Everybody wants a good looking garden, but have a good look at your garden. Are there any trees that a person could use to get over your fence? How many thick shrubs and overgrown beddings have you got that an intruder can hide behind? Go out into your garden when it is dark, and try to see how many places there are for an intruder to hide. Then go back into your house and look out from the house. Make sure that you can see every part of your yard from a safe place within your house, so that you will not have to go outside in the event of a disturbance.

Don't plant big bushy gardens near your front gate where hijackers might lie to ambush you, rather keep the area around your front gate clean of shrubbery.

Design with Security in Mind

If you are designing or re - designing your house, keep security in mind right from the start. Here's a few hints and tips, but add your own as you work on your design.

Know your neighbours

Get to know the people who live around you. In the event of an intruder entering your yard, you might have to call upon their goodwill to lend a hand in getting rid of the intruder, or to call for help. Also, it might help you to know a friend from a potential enemy.

Get involved in you neighbourhood watch scheme

Getting involved in your neighbourhood watch scheme not only gives you a chance to actively help stamp out crime in your neighbourhood, it will also give you a good idea of where the crime hot - spots in your area are, which places to avoid after dark and it will keep you up to date with criminal movements in your area.

If your area has a Community Policing Forum, (CPF), join this forum. To find out more about whether your area has such a forum, visit your local Police Station. (Most of Centurion is covered by various CPF sectors).  CPF gives people a chance to work closely with the police to get rid of crime.

Keep your eye open for notices about Residents Association meetings in your area. These meetings are usually organized by concerned citizens, and will give you a wealth of information about what might be happening in your area.

Involve your family

Make sure that everybody in the family, including the kids and your housekeeper understands the security situation. When you are not at home security will often rest upon their shoulders, and it's important that they obey the security rules.

Housekeepers especially need to be told how to handle security. More and more often robberies are committed not at night when the family is at home, but during the morning when the kids are at school and the owners of the house is at work. Housekeepers are soft targets, and (rightly) they will not risk their lives if an intruder gains access to your property. It is therefore vitally important that you teach your housekeeper that any person not sanctioned by you should not be given access to the property under any circumstances.

Don't invite strangers in

Although it might sound odd, many people invite strangers into their yards and even their homes daily. Picking up casual labour on a street corner to do a few tasks at home is just such an example. By picking up these casual labourers, you will not only be inviting strangers and potential criminals onto your property, you are also encouraging them to stay in the area.

If you have to get someone to work for you, make sure you get someone with a good reference.



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