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Energy Saving Guide

A guide to comfortable living through energy saving

Why save energy?

Passive Energy Saving

Passive energy saving is ways in which you save energy without expending energy. These are by far the cheapest and best ways to save energy. Following is a list of ways in which you can save energy around the house. Remember that thermal comfort is one of the most important aspects of a comfortable home.

Stop the draughts

Insulate the Ceiling

Louver Patio Covers

Energy saving lighting

Use thick bottomed pots

Double glazed windows

Colour and texture

There are different ways in which colour influences the comfort level of a building.

Ventilate the roof

Exterior ground surfaces

The ground surfaces outside your home will have a big impact on the interior of the building, because each surface reflects the sun in a unique manner.

Thermal swimming pool covers

Active Energy Saving

Active energy saving means using devices that consumes energy to save energy. They are usually more passive than passive methods, but are sometimes the only way in which a problem can be overcome.
Mostly, active energy saving devices will take energy in the form of heat and transfer it from where it is wasted to where it is needed, or it might store that wasted energy for later use.

Double glazing revisited

Roof - space heat

Under floor heaters and feet heaters


Water is one of the scarcest resources we have, yet if properly managed you can save yourself huge amounts of time and money, and have much more water for both your home and your garden.

Shower VS bath

Rainwater tank

Paving runoff

Water scrubbers

Garden outlay

Dual Flush Toilets

Leaking pipes and taps

Additional notes

Remember these few objectives when checking out your home


Design before retrofit

Use the Internet

A Warning Note


Beware of fads

Last Word

Hopefully this web page will help you in saving energy, and money, in and around your home. Remember that the focus is on comfortable living, it is to turn an energy inefficient house into an energy efficient house where you can enjoy comfort without placing stress on your budget or the environment.
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Enjoy your home!

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