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Because building plan regulations vary greatly between municipal areas, Sphere concentrates mainly on doing building plans in the Centurion and Pretoria areas. That does not mean that I cannot help you in other areas! Phone me to inquire.

The following is a short but by no means exhaustive list of the structures that most municipalities require building plans for. If you have a structure that you are unsure of, contact your area's municipal offices directly and ask for assistance.

In Centurion, the municipality has introduced new rules regarding documentation. As from 1 March 2006, all documentation submitted with building plans must be original documents and/or certified copies.

As of 2013, any building plan that encroaches on more than 2 building lines now has to go to Tshwane’s legal department before Tshwane will approve the building line relaxation. This goes for servitudes owned by Tshwane too.


The following is a list of the documentation that must be submitted together with your building plans. Once again, this list is probably not complete, as some areas differ to others, and your municipality might add more forms as the need arise. The list is also added to from time to time.

(Do not worry about the SG Diagram, Zoning Certificate and Sewer connection diagram, as I will fetch them for you once I am busy with the building plan.)


As of the time that this website was last updated, the time that the Centurion council took to approve a building plan was about two months. Here though, is the process that most building plans will go through. (The process described here is mostly for single homes on an erf, not for townhouses.)


Servitudes are areas where you may not build. Typically, this is an area of your property that someone other than you have the right to use. A common servitude is one for municipal sewer lines. If you have a municipal sewer line running through your yard (erf), then there will be a servitude for that area. The best place to check if such servitudes exist is in the Title Deed of your erf.
It is important not to build in servitudes!


All relevant personel and subcontractors who work on building plans at Sphere are registered with the South African Council for the Architectural Profession.


Because every drawing is different, Sphere will give a personal quotation on each job. These quotations are free in Centurion and most areas of Pretoria. Just give Leon de Kock a call on 082 331 8656 to arrange a site meeting.

Have a look at some photos of building plans done by and in conjunction with Sphere - IT - Solutions

Building Plan Pictures


Although Sphere takes care to make sure the information on these pages are correct, please be aware that laws and municipal rules and regulations change from time to time. Therefore it is always prudent to check any changes with your local authority before commencing any building work. Sphere IT Solutions cannot be held responsible for omissions or changes that might have occurred and not been updated on this website.

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